Tell us more about SK Nepali Translation Services

SK Nepali Translation specialises in NAATI Certified Translation of all documents from Nepalese language to English and English to Nepalese. We provide comprehensive service in translating your documents – whether they are government issued documents such as Citizenship Certificate, Drivers License, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate or Relationship Certificate (नाता प्रमाण पत्र), or your academic documents such as SLC/+2 Mark sheets, Transcripts or Character Certificate.

Most Australian Government bodies require all non-English documents to be translated into English by qualified, NAATI accredited translators. We strongly recommend that you get your Nepali documents translated only by NAATI certified Nepali translators.

What Nepalese Translation Services do you provide?

We provided translation service for any documents in English to Nepali or Nepalese to English. They include Nepalese driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate and more. All documents are professionally translated by the NAATI recognized Nepali translator and are accepted by all levels of governments in Australia, including Immigration & Citizenship Department, Passport Office, MRT, RRT, road traffic authorities, law enforcement agencies, courts and tribunals. Our service is available Australia wide: Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart or in Sydney.

How much will my Nepalese translation cost?

Every translation, from Nepalese to English language or English to Nepalese, is different, in terms of its context, length and complexity. Our translation service fees are as below. For an exact quote just submit your document below:

Standard translations: starting from $49 per document
Examples of standard documents:
•    Citizenship Certificate
•    Driver’s licenses
•    Birth certificate
•    Marriage certificate
•    Death certificate
•    Relationship Certificate

Non-standard translations: starting from $25 per 100 words
Some example of Non-standard documents:
•    Divorce Affidavit
•    Court orders
•    Affidavits and statutory
•    Technical specifications
•    Consent forms
•    Loan agreements

Is your Nepali Translation NAATI certified?

NAATI certified translation is required for certain documents such as those for immigration purpose, visa applications, and passport application.

All documents are professionally translated by the NAATI certified Nepali translator. Therefore it is nationally recognized throughout Australia. They are accepted by all levels of governments in Australia, including Department of Immigration, road traffic authorities, law enforcement agencies, courts and tribunals.

How do I get a quote to translate my Nepalese document?

Simply submit your document using an online form below or send us an email

How to I send my documents for translation?

Getting your documents translated is very easy. Simply email or submit your documents in Nepali language, make an applicable payment and that’s it. You can send your documents via online/email, drop off at our Document Collection Centers or via post. For prompt service, please email your scanned documents or just give us a call.

Here’s how it works:
Submit your Nepali (Nepalese) translation documents online by using the form below:

To start, create a digital image of your document or scan your documents. Use a
scanner, iPhone, smartphone or a digital camera to create a digital picture of your document. Accepted image formats are : PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
1.    Complete your details on the submission form below
2.    Upload all your files to be translated
3.    Finally, Submit your documents for translation

We will respond to you within 24 hrs to inform you on the status of your request including how to make a payment for your translation. If you need the translation urgently please call 1300 788 612.

Alternatively, email it to nepali[@] (as an attachment) with your details.

How do I pay for my Nepali document translation?

Once we receive your document, we will send you an email with payment instructions.

Will I receive an original copy of the translation?

We will post an original translation with NAATI stamp to your designated address if required. We will post all document across Australia for free on a standard postage by Australia Post.

I have queries about my translation of my Nepalese documents?

If you have any queries about your document translation, please call 1300 110 977 (Australia-wide) or complete the inquiry form below: